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American Garden School | Design a Bee-Friendly Garden

Flower-filled gardens make us happy, support many species of bees, and other biodiversity beneficial to our gardens and our lives. We all desire our gardens to be full of color and interest for many months of the year, yet what flowers appeal to which bees and why? How can we put them together in compositions that work well with the parameters of our site, in combinations that suit us, and cater to bee’s needs?  

This intensive design-focused course will show you how look at your garden with new eyes, and how to create beautiful landscapes and inspirational environments that will transform your relationship to your yard. 



This course will discuss how to set up and structure your bee-friendly garden, including what plants to design with.

Topics include:
-Building healthy soils and watering systems
-Various bee species in the garden and their habitat
-How to attract bees into the landscape
-Plant varieties, native and non-native

Tea, coffee, and freshly-baked pastries will be offered!