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American Garden School | The Edible Garden: Spring + Summer

This ain't your grandma's veggie garden! We want to raise the bar on the concept of how we plan and plant our edible gardens, and show you that they can be just as beautiful as any other- and filled with delicious things to eat all year round.

Whether you like precise rows, or an impressionistic composition of verdant plants, this intensive, practical course will get you on the right track with simple principles and techniques to consistently generate a multitude of healthy, delicious vegetables (and flowers!). Seasonal focus will be spring and summer.



This class will focus on principles and practices necessary for setting up a successful, healthy early season vegetable garden. We will discuss site analysis, garden design, and how to build efficiencies into your garden. We will also go over healthy soil development, soil fertility, maintenance and till vs no-till methods.

•   understanding plants and their seasons
•   succession planting
•   plant quality and proper planting techniques
•   irrigation systems
•   weed, pest, and disease prevention and control
•   production troubleshooting

At the end of the class we will walk through Sunset Magazine's Test Gardens and demonstrate planting and irrigation techniques.

The course will focus on organic, ecologically sound practices.

Coffee and pastries will be served!