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American Garden School | Landscape Design Intensive

Looking for gorgeousness? A garden that grows more beautiful and healthy each year? We all desire gardens that give us pleasure and are filled with life and color, but can be frustrated that they don’t look or perform the way we had in mind.

This intensive design course will give you the tools and know-how to go out and design your own landscape from start to finish. Joining us is locally renowned landscape designer Susie Dowd Markonian to cover formal design principles distilled into basic concepts that will enhance any site. From conceptual design to incorporating essential systems for success, this class has a problem-solving and ecological focus for creating healthy, enduring landscapes filled with vitality and life.

Bring your questions. This class will change the way you garden!



This design intensive will cover all aspects of designing a landscape. We'll start by discussing our design philosophy followed by the formal practicalities of working through a concept with designer Susie Dowd Markonian, including:

  • Theme and function
  • Site planning
  • Form, texture, and color
  • Design concepts

We'll finish the day with a garden tour observing concepts discussed during lecture, and incorporating irrigation and soil design into your designs.

Each participant will also receive a copy of the famous Rosemary Alexander's latest edition of her design workbook, The Essential Garden Design Workbook, included with your ticket.

Coffee, delicious pastries, and snacks will be provided.