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Chateau Sonoma | Annual French Flea Market (Saturday)

Join us at Cornerstone for Chateau Sonoma's Annual French Flea Market. Saturday and Sunday, May 26-27 from 9am-5pm on Saturday and 10am-3pm on Sunday. 

The annual French flea market is inspired from those in France. We wanted to replicate the feeling of flea-ing in France here in Sonoma so that our neighbors and friends could experience what we were experiencing in France. Each year we recruit dealers from all over the north west to travel to Sonoma to sell their French imports. The flea market allows vendors to showcase their entire collection of wares, which are traded at wholesale prices. We strive to replicate the ambiance of France by serving sausages & rosé, hosting Michele the barrel organist, and including vendors with a variety of goods. Named the "Best French Flea in America" by French Country Style Magazine, we look forward to another year of bringing France to Sonoma!

Chateau Sonoma is hosting another French Flea Market on October 13 + 14 -- stay tuned for more details!